Flynx is a popup browser and is similar to Flyperlink, Chromer, and Brave. It allows you to open links in apps without having to immediately read the article.

This works perfectly for me when I browse RSS feeds. My current preferred news reader is Palabre. I plan on reviewing this in more detail later, but for now I will use it to demonstrate Flynx.

When browsing my feeds and identify an article I’d like to read, I click on it, which launches a small popup bubble.


As I continue to click on links, the bubble’s small number increases. I’m queuing up articles to read. When I am ready, I can click on the bubble, and it expands to a number of bubbles that I can toggle between.

FlynxReadArticle1 FlynxReadArticle2

When I have read an article, I can drag the bubble to close it.

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